Kehlani performed performed her latest album at her first live virtual concert

Saioa Laverty, Reporter

Hip-hop and R&B singer-songwriter, Kehlani, performed their sixth and latest album “It Was Good Until It Wasn’t” live for the first time on May 5, through a virtual website called “nocapshows.” Nocapshows is a company that offers hundreds of live, virtual concerts with absolutely no limit on the capacity of people.

Tickets to the event cost $20 or $100 (with tax) depending on what kind of ticket customers decided to purchase. The $20 tickets were for general admission into the stream and the $100 tickets included exclusive access to a VIP soundcheck, along with tickets to the stream.

Kehlani’s performance was highly entertaining and equally moving. They exhibited wonderful vocals, impressive dance skills, and an overall down-to-earth and positive attitude. They were very confident on stage and appeared very happy to be there performing in general. In addition; their band, background dancers, and special guests all collaborated really well together and looked grateful to be there performing as well.

Kehlani performed 14 songs from the “It Was Good Until It Wasn’t” album along with some of their other hit songs including “Nights Like This” a song from their third album “While We Wait” that was released in 2018, their single with fellow R&B artist Keyshia Cole “All Me” released in 2019, and their song “Distraction” from her album “Sweet Sexy Savage” that was released in 2017. Each song had different lighting, back drops, and choreography. Kehlani wore an all white outfit which was perfect for the versatility of style between each song.

One of the most impressive aspects of the performance was Kehlani’s diversity in styles and their ability to shift between them seamlessly. They had moments where they were upbeat and dancing, entertaining the crowd with their impressive dancing and ability to engage the camera/crowd.  

One of Kehlani’s guests; musician and singer, Masego, demonstrated his talent by accompanying Kehlani on the saxophone in their song “Hate the Club”. The saxophone complimented Kehlani’s vocals perfectly, creating a very moving performance.

Another moving performance was given with another one of Kehlani’s guests; singer and songwriter, Lucky Daye. They performed a duet of their song “Can You Blame Me” where they both exhibited great emotion and vocals.

Some of their more upbeat performances included, but were not limited to, their songs “Water”, “Change Your Life” and “F&MU”. They included elaborate choreography, in which everyone on stage was very in sync. It was in these songs where Kehlani demonstrated their charming personality, and also had the opportunity to be a bit more seductive.

Overall, Kehlani’s performance was very impressive. Virtual concerts are an overall fairly new experience for many, but Kehlani’s incredible ability to entertain and have a great time while doing it, made it worth every single penny.