Review: The Suicide Squad

Jaylene Collins, Features Editor

DC’s favorite super villain team is back with a new roster and lots of mayhem in tow in James Gunn’s new film, “The Suicide Squad.”

“The Suicide Squad” is available to watch in theaters and on HBO Max for members through Sept. 5.  

DC continues on their streak of great live actions films with “The Suicide Squad,” after years of lackluster films. “The Suicide Squad’s” predecessor, “Suicide Squad,” was one of DC’s exceptionally bad live-action adaptations. However, the stand-alone sequel redeems itself in the most beautifully, violent way. 

“The Suicide Squad” follows Task Force X, a black-ops squad made up of many notable DC villains and anti-heroes, on their shady missions given to them by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) in a promise that their prison sentences will be shortened. The premise is simple, a squad is made and they are given a mission. However, the introduction will catch many audiences off guard. Jaws will drop but it will keep you hooked. 

The foe the new Suicide Squad faces in this film is Starro the Conqueror, who many hardcore DC fans will recognize as one of the first-ever villains fought by the Justice League in their comic debut. Of course, hours of chaos ensues before the team is able to complete their mission objective but the final fight is worth it.

Although an avid DC fan myself, I didn’t know most of the characters going in. However, performances such as Idris Elba, who played Bloodsport, and Daniela Melchior, who played Ratcatcher 2, made me want to learn more about each of their characters by the end of the movie. 

Other notable performances were by John Cena, who was Peacemaker, David Dastmalchian, who was Polka-Dot Man, and Margot Robbie, who reprised her role as the fan-favorite Harley Quinn. Every actor in the movie worked well together and each shined when it was their character’s turn to fight. 

Along with the acting performances, the fight choreography, and the soundtrack made “The Suicide Squad” the amazing movie it is. Every fight was action-packed and entertaining to watch. John Murphey’s score he created for the movie and the upbeat soundtrack that featured songs such as, “People Who Died” by The Jim Carroll Band and “I Ain’t Got Nobody” by Louis Prima, Keely Smith, Sam Butera & The Witnesses paired well together especially well with the fight scenes, keeping them energetic and upbeat. 

“The Suicide Squad” feels like a movie straight out of a comic book with its vibrant colors, fun cinematography, hilarious jokes, and insane gore. All that paired with outstanding performances from all of the cast members, well-choreographed fights, and an energetic soundtrack, “The Suicide Squad” is a must-see for any comic book fan.