The Renegade Room is worth your money

Jaylene Collins, Features Editor

The Renegade Room is a restaurant run by Bakersfield College students on BC’s main campus. The students at the Renegade Room are in the Food and Nutrition Program at BC and their courses have taught them well. 

At first, I didn’t know what to expect from a student-run restaurant. I didn’t even know BC had a student restaurant on campus, but I was pleasantly surprised by the Renegade Room. 

Walking in, you are greeted by one of their hosts. I had made a reservation for two beforehand, so it didn’t take long for them to find it and seat me and my sister. 

After they seated us, they brought us our drinks and after we ordered, brought us some freshly baked bread as an appetizer. 

Together we ordered their green pozole, Chile Colorado, and a side salad. Within about 10 minutes of us ordering, we received our salad and pozole, and then not too long after that, we received our entree. The restaurant wasn’t slow either, there were quite a few people already seated and picking up orders when we arrived. 

The service we received was great. Our waiter was very friendly and was quick with everything. 

Overall, the food came out really good. Everything was fresh when it was served to us. Although I am not much of a salad person, I still enjoyed the salad that was served. My sister and I did agree that the pozole could use more spice but it was still good nonetheless. 

The only downside of the food was the sides. The refried beans served with my Chile Colorado were watery. The calabacitas also weren’t too flavorful but everything else was good. 

In total, I only paid $21.70 for the plate, salad, soup, and a dessert. 

For me, the Renegade Room scores a 4/5. With their friendly service, little wait time, good food, and affordable prices, the Renegade Room is definitely worth the visit. I highly recommend it to those on campus looking for a bite to eat. 

To make reservations, order ahead, or more information, visit the Renegade Room’s page on BC’s website at