Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage

Hilario Gomez, Reporter

And carnage there was! The second of Sony’s additions to the symbiote’s on-screen gallery debuted on the first of October. While it may have fallen short in box office expectations, objectively it was received well among fans of the obnoxious anti-hero. 

The second iteration to the Venom series continues with the story of Eddie Brock and the amply named alien symbiote, Venom having a bit of relationship issues that inadvertently create the backstory to their greatest nemesis not commonly known as the “Friendly Neighborhood Wall-Crawler.”  Cletus Kasady is the aforementioned greatest nemesis, a lunatic serial killer with a rather intricate victim complex and a lot of baggage. Add a just as eccentric alien symbiote to that and boom we got a problem that’s more than a handful for our heroes–yeah, let’s go with heroes. 

Our heroes are just as comedic and lovable as a pug is as they were in the first movie. Tom Hardy delivers an amazing performance as the troubled vigilante as many would expect from an actor of his caliber but a surprisingly compelling performance from Woody Harrelson as Kletus was put on display as well as complimenting Hardy rather perfectly. Throughout the movie they captivated, entertained, and outshone the other aspects of the movie. 

With most of the movie flowing pretty well there were bits and pieces that only could be truly understood and appreciated by comic book aficionados, which would not be a deal breaker for the average viewer but would equate to a wink to die hard fans of the classics. 

The main gripe to have with the movie that is more nitpicking than anything is the focus on the carnage and the quick pace that the movie did choose to go with. With nothing being wrong with how they chose to go about it pacing wise it definitely contrasts what most hero movies such as those from the MCU usually choose to go with and it could very much deliberately be choosing to take that route to set themselves apart and stand alone.