‘Gades win against L.A. Valley College

Ian Hamilton

Bakersfield College Renegade football is 3-1 overall after a win against L.A. Valley College on Sept. 27.

While the 35-20 victory is a plus for BC, a loss to Moorpark the week before leaves the team with a 1-1 record for the Western State Conference North Division.

The first score of the game came from Rickey Herod in the first quarter, putting Bakersfield ahead 7-0 after the extra point.

Bakersfield ran another touchdown with Derek Kielkopf while quarterback George Valos threw two touchdowns to Kenny Jackson and Michael Cooper. The final touchdown for BC was a returned interception by Jimmy Jenkins.

This Saturday’s game against Allan Hancock will be the Renegade’s last at home until Homecoming on Oct. 25.