48-0 Shutout!

Carisa A. Dalton

Homecoming was more like a “Home Going” for Santa Barbara City College last Saturday at BC’s football game. The Renegades blew out Santa Barbara, 48-0, giving BC a chance to play in the playoffs.

Head Renegade football coach Dallas Grider was pleased with the results of Saturday’s feast of a game.

“We executed probably as well as we have all year. The thing I was pleased about was the kids were trying to make plays. They were actually taking a chance and we were very pleased with their performance.”

“It’s a team sport and everybody has to contribute if we are going to be any good. We needed this and we got to play just about all of our kids. Being able to see these guys go in that practice hard and never get to play really pleases me.”

The first quarter was action-packed. Filling in for starting quarterback George Valos was second quarterback Justin Heimiller, who was informed just three hours before the game that he’d be starting, due to Valos being too under the weather to play. That wasn’t a problem, though.

Derrick Hargrove of the ‘Gades, caught the receiving kick from Santa Barbara to take a knee and get the game started. Within a couple of minutes, Chad Hitchcock gained 20 yards to set the pace and get the ‘Gades fired up. At 9:31 in the first half, Heimiller threw a deep pass to Kareem Crump, which gave the ‘Gades the first touchdown and the lead 7-0, with a field goal.


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Bryan Sullivan kicked off to Santa Barbara, who probably should have just given the ball back since the ‘Gades’ defense wasn’t having it. A quick fourth down came for Santa Barbara at 7:13 left in the first quarter and it was time for their kickoff.

They didn’t see it coming. Not “it,” but Jerome Miller, who blocked the kickoff and sent the ‘Gades’ fans roaring. At 2:52 left, Rickey Herod scored yet another touchdown, making it 14-0.

By now, Santa Barbara was feeling the heat. As Vaqueros quarterback Austin Miller looked to make a deep pass in hope of a last score, Matt Muxlow of the ‘Gades was all over it and made his way to sack him before the pass could be completed. With 52 seconds left in the first quarter, Santa Barbara attempted a two-point conversion that was no good.

The intensity continued throughout the second quarter, with BC not letting up. The score continued to grow from the end of the second quarter from 21-0 to the fourth quarter, giving the ‘Gades a 48-0 victory. Anthony Stewart, Michael Cooper and Herod all scored touchdowns.

“We were down two games and it took its toll,” said Renegade offensive guard Fred White.

“I played a decent game, but it wasn’t just me. It took a whole team effort. We were prepared and we came out of two losses. We needed this one.”

White hopes to make the playoffs and later on go pro in football.

“We are tired of losing,” said inside linebacker Garrett Harker. The ‘Gades have a record of 4-3 so far and have lost two consecutive games. “We’ve been playing just really good defense all around. Losing is not an option. We have to stay up and stay fired up.”

Wide receiver Michael Cooper added, “We had a few mistakes at the end, but we will polish those and execute. We have to execute every play and have every man do their job.” Cooper had a touchdown under his belt for the game.

Heimiller, BC’s backup quarterback, proved that he could step up to the plate with only one interception.

“I’m just glad I got the opportunity to go in and show what I can do,” he said. “Coach prepares all three of us (quarterbacks) all week and he gets us ready just in case this sort of thing happens. I was definitely nervous, but it was a good week to go in.”

Running back Herod from Harlington, Texas, not only had two touchdowns but also had 40 family members from his hometown fly out to see him in action.

“My family was here and I have to do this every game. I take my frustrations out on the football field and go hard out at practice and in everything. I make sure to put pressure on myself to score. I hope by next year to have 1,000 yards, 19 touchdowns and to go pro in football,” said Herod.

His mom, Schunard Herod, said she was just thrilled to see him play.

“The best thing is not only to see my son, but to see the whole team coming together.”

Santa Barbara’s offensive coordinator, Jason Fowle, said the team will have to keep working.

“I think we just have to do a better job at overcoming adversity when things don’t happen our way. We’re just going to keep working on the basics and execute.”

Head football coach for Santa Barbara, Reggie Bolton, commented after the game, “We didn’t execute well, and we didn’t face adversity when we had a chance to capitalize on some of the mistakes. This has been all year, though. It’s something we have to work on. We’ll go back and look at a game like this and look at our effort alone.

“One of the things the coaches and the players are upset about is we didn’t play hard for 60 minutes like we try to do all the time.”

The ‘Gades kick off another game 4 p.m. Saturday against L.A. Pierce College at home.