A love of the game

Carisa A. Dalton

Originally from Southern California, Brent Davis never thought of ever settling down in Bakersfield, a move from sunny beaches to the “Dust Bowl.”

“This town is great except for the air quality. I like what I do, though,” said the 25-year-old assistant basketball coach and teacher at Bakersfield College.

He was athletic when he was in high school and played both basketball and football.

“My parents definitely were a big part of my success. My dad stayed on me and my older brother a lot. My mom and my dad would come to every single game that we had. They wanted to make sure both of us went to school.”

He said he never dreamed he’d be a teacher at a college or coach.

“I always thought that I’d be in the service? for the army and wasn’t really quite sure what I was going to do. My dad, though, thought that it wouldn’t be a good idea for me to go to the army. He wanted me to get my education.

“I’m glad I did and have no regrets. I like what I do.”

A friend of Davis wanted a coaching position at Bakersfield College, but the job was given to someone else. Davis’ friend then told him that he should apply for the assistant coach position for basketball.

“I gave Coach Nessman a call and asked him did he need any coaches or teachers. I had known him for a while, and wasn’t sure if I’d gotten the job. A few months later they called me and that’s how I got started.” ?

Communication between Davis and the players is important to him. He said that he and the coaches also have great communication, due to constantly meeting with each other and the fact that they are friends.

He stresses education to his players and believes that support from parents and fans is vital.

Before he came here, he was a student most of the time. He did his undergrad work at San Diego State University and graduate work at Azusa Pacific University. While in school he worked and was a teacher and after school program coordinator for schools in San Diego. He also coached basketball part-time.

“I like what I do,” he said.