Hoop squad poised for run at league title

P.W. Scobey

Darrell Carter says he has high hopes for the men’s basketball team’s future and the remainder of the season. Despite the current record of 10-11, the Renegades’ mentality is pretty sweet with the 16 men on the roster and the leadership of head coach George Nessman.

“Teamwork is the centerpiece in all sports. Without it, you cannot win,” Nessman stresses.

The ‘Gades’ offensive strategies are diverse – they like to mix it up and throw the defense off guard at every opportunity. Nessman said this team wants to stay complete and hit their opponents inside, outside on a fast break and with crisp ball movement. With those offensive strategies, the results should be quick and easy scores.

In a nutshell, the team’s defensive strategy is to counter its offensive strategy – nobody likes to get beat by their own play. Therefore, the ‘Gades want to make it as hard as possible for other teams to score, and defensively attack their opponent’s weaknesses. It seems that with these precise game plans and team strategies, how far can this team go in the remainder of the season? Nessman replied, “We have to wait and see.”

According to Carter, the team’s co-captain and a second-year player, he doesn’t know how confident his teammates are in each other, however, he does feel that the ‘Gades could have won the league championship this season.

“We could have won and gone further, but we let a lot of little chippies get away from us,” Carter said.

Compared to last year’s team, this squad is more competitive, and has a better understanding about the game and team expectations.

“This team is so competitive that even the practices are very intense and physical,” Carter said.

The ‘Gades may not achieve their goal of a championship this season, but according to Nessman, the team has a bright future. They are staying positive and patient, and they are keeping their egos in check, he said.