Victorious Renegades

Lee Maxwell

BC’s 2003-2004 track and field team geared up for their upcoming March 13 home meet by trouncing Santa Monica, LA Valley, Ventura and Oxnard. With first place finishes in the men’s 1.10 high hurdles and women’s 1500 meter race.

Oxnard finished in at a dismal last place with only eight points. Third runner-up went to LA Valley who gained 13 points. Best in show went to Ventura with a modest 62 points. Santa Monica brought their “A” game, but couldn’t keep up with only 73 points. The home team Renegades not only came in numero uno but they did it by outscoring the bottom three teams COMBINED !!

Although the Gades performed well, track and field coach Bob Covey still believes “There is still a-lot to do, in order to become effective as a team.” Due in large part to the fact that “This team has only been practicing for five weeks,” says Covey.

Once again BC’s next meet at home will be Saturday Mach 13. Over thirty teams from all over California are anticipated to attend. Admission prices are reduced for students, but expect BC’s track and field team to make their opponents pay…on the field.