Bring on the Bud girls

Kirsten Wirth, Bakersfield High School

Bakersfield Blaze fans may have a new reason to come to the games: the Budweiser Girls.

Adorned in tight white shirts bearing the Budweiser logo and black shorts, Crystal Eldrige and Alissa Thomas bounced around the Sam Lynn Ball Park carrying tin buckets. They were handing out smiles along with Budweiser key chains and bottle openers.

Eldrige works at Chuy’s and Thomas works at Chili’s. Both girls ventured from the restaurants to take on the part-time jobs of Budweiser Girls.

“I like the interaction with people,” Thomas said, her white teeth beaming and her full blonde hair shining in the bright stadium lights.

A short brunette with not a blemish in sight, Eldrige agreed.

“It’s a lot of fun,” she said.

Upon changing ownership, the Blaze corporation has changed some beverage promotions as well, including the Budweiser Beer stand, complete with a gigantic beer can towering over the little blue tent.

Working the stand on the “Opening Night II: A New Beginning” were Ashley Lewis and Sara Thomas. It was Lewis’ first night, while Thomas seemed to have a little more experience. This might spring from the fact that her husband is the Blaze’s Assistant General Manager Bryan Thomas.

“I like the changes,” Sara said. “The change in ownership was a big step.”

Both agreed that tonight was the first time they had seen the Budweiser Girls in action and didn’t seem to know much about them.

Beer and baseball are proving to be a dynamic duo for the Bakersfield Blaze.

“We’re planning on selling 20 to 25 kegs tonight,” Charlie Valentine said. Valentine is part owner of the Tailgater’s bar and helps supply the Blaze with lucrative liquid.

Sara Thomas is planning on singing the national anthem at a game on July 3. The Budweiser Girls will be singing their own tune, too: a song of mixing baseball, beer and good looks to what appears to be a very profitable promotion.