‘I almost fainted’

Sophia Ramirez, Centennial High School

Eight-year-old Taylor Elliott couldn’t believe he had been chosen to run with a Blaze player.

“I almost fainted,” he said.

“I was excited.”

On June 18, the Blaze played at home against the Landcaster Jethawks. As the starting lineup was announced, another name was said after each player, the names of the North of the River Mariners baseball team, who were to take the players to their position on the field.

From an early age these young Barry Bonds are out to see how the big boys play and learn from their skills. Nicholas Claypool and Cody Holsey, two rookies on the team, both agree they have learned a lot from games.

“This is my first [Blaze] game,” said Claypool. “Yesterday I went to a Dodger game. I learned from their center and pitcher. When I grow up I’m gonna be like Eric, the pitcher on the Dodgers.”

Catcher Matthew Claypool, who has three years under his bat, has his mind made up about his future.

“I like playing baseball; I’m thinking about playing with a major league team.”

-Sophia Ramirez

Centennial High School