BC linebacker inspires with dedication

Leanne Cave

Curtis Cornelson, a defensive star for the Bakersfield College football team, has the determination to get the job done on the football field and the dedication it takes to achieve his goals in life as well.
“Football has always been a part of my life and whatever happens at the next level is fine,” Cornelson said. “But my main goal is to get school paid for and focus on the academic side of the ball.”
The 6-foot-1, 235-pound middle linebacker for the Renegades possesses a real passion for the game, is focused and works hard all the time, which doesn’t go unnoticed by his coaches.
“Cornelson’s hard work has paid off,” BC head coach Jeff Chudy said. “He makes the calls on defense for us and does a good job.”
Chudy continued.
“He has great foot speed at the linebacker position and is always on the ball. He’s kind of like the Eveready battery bunny. He’s all over the field making plays and keeps right on ticking.”
Not only does Cornelson keep on ticking, but he challenges his teammates in every huddle and has earned their respect.
“He challenges us in the huddle to play Renegade football,” defensive lineman Daniel Calvin said. “He tells us to show some character and get it done.”
As a freshman, Cornelson earned first team Western State Conference honors and respect from opposing coaches throughout the conference.
“He’s extremely strong and powerful and a team leader in tackles,” Chudy said.
Cornelson attended Centennial High and was also a dynamic and respected player for the Golden Hawks.
“He has always been a dedicated player at all levels,” Joan Cornelson, Curtis’ mom, said. “He’s very focused, knows what he wants and works toward it. He has also put a lot of hard work into academics.”
Cornelson’s hard work and accomplishments on the football field have also made his family extremely proud as he has his own personal cheerleading team at all of the games.
“He has such great support from all of the family,” Joan said. “He has a network of followers besides the immediate family; including aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins that go to the games and cheer him on. I am very proud of his dedication and hard work in everything he does.”
Cornelson said his mom and girlfriend have been the inspirations in his life.
“My mom is an inspiration to me because she has endured a lot of hard times. My dad, Chad, has also given me a lot of support.”
The 19-year old sophomore decided to attend BC because of its tradition; he grew up watching BC games, and because it is close to home. He takes a great deal of pride in wearing No. 42 for the Renegades.
“It has been an awesome experience for me,” Cornelson said. “The coaches, head coach Chudy and linebacker Coach Mayo have taught me a lot about defensive schemes and the linebacking position.
When Cornelson isn’t playing football, he enjoys hunting and fishing.
“I like to go to a lot of different places to hunt and fish, but I really like Bass Lake,” he said.
As far as watching favorite football teams other than Centennial on Friday nights, he enjoys watching the No. 1 college team in the nation, the Ohio State Buckeyes.
When asked if the reason he liked Ohio State was because they are known for their linebacking core, Cornelson replied, “Yes!”
In the professional ranks, Cornelson’s favorite team is the San Francisco 49ers.
Cornelson has not made a decision as far as a four-year college or university but does plan to major in business administration.
Even though Cornelson has not made his decision on where to play at the next level, one thing is for certain. Wherever he chooses to play, opposing offenses will have one determined linebacker to reckon with.