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BC team focuses on one game at a time

Nestor G. Fernandez, Reporter

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The Bakersfield College softball team has won 10 straight games as of March 12.

During the streak, BC has scored 72 runs and allowed only 25, averaging 7.2 runs per game, while allowing 2.5 runs per contest.

After splitting their first eight games (4-4), they now sit with a 14-4 record after winning their conference opener 11-3 against the L.A. Mission Eagles on March 8 at BC.

On paper, there’s no question it has looked great.

But there’s a lot more to it than that.

BC coach Sandi Taylor makes reference to their overall balance, speed and athleticism as probably the team’s greatest strengths.

“Watching them play shows you that, but also reveals much more. The Renegades play together, play for and support each other, and they have fun. Winning just seems to be a by-product of their intangibles.

“It is widely acknowledged throughout the team that they are in a very tough conference, and the mental approach is what it should be, take it one game at a time.”

Center fielder Kaitlin Toerner commented on how this team is approaching this season.

“Right now, it’s just one game at a time,” she said.

Left fielder Brittany Messer added, “You can’t really get too far ahead, cause you never know what can happen, take it game by game and go from there,” she said.

When talking about the strengths of the team, Toerner quickly pointed out its ability to manufacture runs.

“I think that’s definitely our strength, we get on base and we know how to move them over, and then our big hitters score them from there.

“Even hitters that aren’t normally big get those clutch hits when there are runners on base.”

Messer also mentioned another focal point: the team’s pitching.

“I think our pitching is really strong this year. There are four pitchers that we can go to at any time, and they’re doing their job, so it’s nice.”

“I think we’re just focused on playing our best, and if we play our best, the rest will take care of itself,” said Toerner. “I think we’re really consistent, and we know how to get on base and move them over. And that doesn’t really change from game to game. Once we get people on base, we usually move them over and that’s our strength. We’re very consistent with that,” said Toerner.

Messer added, “I think we all know the game, so we all know what we need to do, like the coach doesn’t really need to tell us, we kind of take it in our hands that if we need to bunt the ball, then we bunt it.

“So we don’t rely on coach as much, which I think is a big strength.

“The coach and the players are all on the same page on what we need to do, so I think that’s a big strength in our team.”

The question was put to Taylor about the potential of this team as far as making a deep run in the post-season, and she responded with an optimistic view on their abilities to get better and go for the big prize, a state championship.

The state final 4 is also in Bakersfield, scheduled May 18-20.

“Well yes, because this team is striving to get better every day, and we feel like we haven’t reached our potential yet, and we’re hopeful, so that’s the goal, to vie for a state championship,” Taylor said.

“So yeah, sure, I think we can do it, absolutely.”

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BC team focuses on one game at a time