BC cross country takes sixth in Ventura Invitational

Nestor Fernandez, Reporter

The Bakersfield College cross country team opened its 2012 season at the Ventura Invitational on Aug. 31 in Ventura College. There were a total of eight teams competing for the men in the four-mile run, and nine teams for the women in the 5,000 run.

El Camino College finished in the top spot for the men’s four mile run, with a total time of 1:55:35, an avg. time of 23:07, and a score of 28. Freshman Reo Miranda-Lavertu of El Camino took first place with a time of 22:34.87, and an avg. mile of 5:38.

On the women’s side in the 5,000 run, De Anza College took the top spot with a total time of 1:44:57, an avg. time of 20:59, and a score of 46. Soph. Katie Castro of De Anza finished first with a time of 19:31.77, and an avg. mile time of 6:17.

Overall team score had the BC men finishing in the sixth spot, with a total time of 2:08:09, an average time of 25:37, and a score of 158. The BC women also finished in the sixth spot, with a total time of 1:54:43, an average time of 22:56, and a score of 139.

In the four-mile run, the top performer for BC was freshman Misael Herrera, who finished 28th in 24:49, and an avg. mile time of 6:12. For the women in the 5k run, the top BC athlete was Freshman Moriah Millwee, as she finished 17th in 21:50:00, and an avg. mile time of 7:01.

BC assistant coach Dave Frickel was pleased with the overall results and efforts by both squads, saying, “Each team, both men and women finished sixth, which I thought was pretty good. The girls I thought had a little bit better performance as a team.

“Both teams have to bridge the gap between the numbers one to five, but a lot of the boys we have are kind of new to cross-country, so they’re going to learn. I think more of the girls are well versed in cross-country compared to the guys I have.

“This is a real hard course too, it’s kind of a challenge, the men’s course is harder than the women’s, it’s a bit challenging for the opening race of the year.  I think overall, both did really well as a team, so with that, I think we can build on it to get better each week.”