BC’s backfield work on chemistry on and off the field

BC's backfield work on chemistry on and off the field

Omar Oseguera

Running backs Jalen Sykes, left, and Curtis McGregor, right, run the ball against Cerritos College. Sykes and McGregor have combined for 1,050 rushing yards and five touchdowns over the season.

Esteban Ramirez, Sports Editor

Bakersfield College’s running game this year has been getting production out of two running backs, Jalen Sykes and Curtis McGregor, but it has been their chemistry and unselfishness that has helped them to a good season.

“When we’re at practice, we challenge each other,” said McGregor. “If I see him do a good play, I’ll say ‘all right, I got to do a good play,’ or if he makes a big run then I’ve got to make a big run.”

“I think we’ve got good chemistry,” said Sykes. “We have battles between offense and defense, and we just go out and try to make each other better.”

“Our chemistry is cool,” said McGregor. “We work hard to make each other better every day.”

BC is averaging 150 yards per game third in the conference, and the bulk of those yards are coming from Sykes and McGregor. Sykes, a sophomore, has 593 rushing yards and three touchdowns on 145 carries. McGregor, a freshman, has 457 rushing yards and two touchdowns on 117 carries.

McGregor added that what he thinks makes Sykes a good running back is that he’s always moving his feet.

“He’s always moving his feet, and when I watch him at practice it just motivates me to do the same because when I do it, good things happen.”

Sykes explained that what he thinks makes McGregor good is his vision.

“He’s got good field vision, and he knows where the holes are,” said Sykes. “He sees the seams and he hits them hard, and I think that’s one thing that makes him so good.”

“We’ve helped each other out by going hard and competing,” said McGregor. “I don’t really go into a game wondering who’s starting or to do this. I just want us both to have a good year and for him to move on to the next level.”

“I think of us as a 1-2 punch,” said Sykes. “I just want us both to do well and to bring that extra spark to our offense to help the team score touchdowns. It just excites me when he scores a touchdown or makes a big play.

“I think we’ve done pretty good this year. It’s still not up to my expectations, but I feel that we’re doing pretty good.”

“I think we’ve done OK,” said McGregor. “Hopefully, as we get to the end of the year we can continue to do better.”

Sykes commented that they’ve been able to build on their chemistry by getting to know one another by hanging around on and off the field.

McGregor explained that a goal that they want to accomplish is to be number one and two in rushing yards in the conference.

“I always think about us trying to be number one and two in rushing,” he said. “I don’t really care who gets first or second. We’ll probably be bragging to the other if one of us gets first, but I just want us to be the top two.”