COLUMN: BC golf team shows unity

Esteban Ramirez, Sports Editor

As the season winds down for the Bakersfield College women’s golf season, one might be left to wonder, how is a team with limited golfers having a good year?

You just really have to sit back and acknowledge all the extra hard work that they had to put in with a smaller group of players.

When you have a smaller team, you have to do more work and it might put a strain on you at a point, but at the same time, when you’re on a smaller team you become more united as a group.

The chemistry within a smaller team is usually so much better than on a larger one because there is a smaller amount of personalities or egos.

Being on an editorial staff with only four editors, I know how much hard work you have to put in to achieve what you set out to do, so I definitely understand what kind of struggles that go on with a smaller group.

At the same time, we are a close-knit group, so we help each other out if one of us is overworked because we don’t have as many editors as other papers.

When you’re on a smaller group and are able to do well, whether it’s performing at a high level on the golf course or if it’s putting out a 12-page newspaper, you feel a sense of pride for performing just as well as teams that have a lot more people.

BC coach Bob Paillet explained how he thought his team has performed with a smaller group.

“I think they’ve done pretty well,” he said.

“I think they’ve tried hard to compete with a smaller team, but with a smaller team you don’t have the same level of competition as you would if you had a bigger group so I think two of our girls have a chance to make it to the Regionals, and that’s all you can ask for.”

Since then, Chelsey Roberts qualified, but Andrea Marquez missed out on Regionals by three strokes.

He also explained the difficulties of coaching a smaller team.

“When it’s six against four, it’s like a full basketball team, and you only have five so it’s tough,” he said. “It means every girl has to play her best, while the other teams only need four of six to play well.”

He commented on the chemistry of the team, and how the team has gelled.

“It can take a while for five personalities to mesh, but the last three weeks have been great,” he said. “They know what’s expected of them, and I see a real effort to do well. We are a team now.”

Just like one editor in our staff can’t have a bad day and do the work of two people, the BC women’s golf team is pretty much the same.

It’s really incredible that they have been able to have a good season despite a lack of depth on the team.

You would think that a team wouldn’t have these successes, but they still found a way to qualify one of their golfers, so my hat’s off to them.