Women’s cross-country team qualifies for Regionals

Nestor Fernandez, Reporter

The Western State Conference finals were held at Leadbetter Beach/Shoreline Park in Santa Barbara on Oct. 23, and the Bakersfield College cross-country women’s team finished fifth in the 5k run among 13 schools.

That result meant that the BC women qualified as a team for the Southern California Regionals  that will be held in Costa Mesa on Nov. 3.

The Renegades women finished with an overall time of 1:58:23.13, an average time of 23:40.63, and a total points count of 147.

The top BC runner was Moriah Milwee, who finished 19th in 22:39.39.

Kristen Tapia of BC came in the 30th spot at 23:47.19, Lizette Sanchez placed 33rd in 23:52.56, and Orieth Rodriguez place 35th in 23:59.11.

In the 4-mile race, the BC men finished in the seventh spot and just missed qualification as a team.

They still have a chance of getting in with an at-large berth.

Their overall time was 2:07:14.19, an average time of 25:26.84, and 176 points.

The Renegades men still placed their top four runners as individual qualifiers, however.

The top BC male athlete was Davis Loustalot in the 34th spot at 24:50.90, Eduardo Garcia in the 43rd spot at 25:20.10, Misael Herrera at 46th in 25:25.20, and Michael Shaffer 47th in 25:37.56.

Considering what was at stake, and the existing adverse conditions of the race, BC assistant coach David Frickel was pleased.

“Everybody ran as well as they could, the course was pretty tough, the weather conditions were tough, the wind was like 30 to 40 mph,” said Frickel.

“It was close to the ocean, so it was pretty brutal out there. I thought the kids did a great job performing yesterday.

“We had a big breakthrough. Kristen Tapia had an awesome race, and she finished second on our team, so she did a wonderful job that really helped us.”

Glendale College won both the men’s 4-mile run, and the women’s 5k run.

In the men’s race, they finished with an overall time of 1:53:59.03, an average time of 22:47.81, and 24 points.

The women ran an overall of 1:46:57.03, an average of 21:23.41, and 38 points.

Angel Alcantar of L.A. Valley was the top male finisher, as he ran the 4-mile in 22:22.97.

Grace Graham-Zamudio of Glendale was the top female in the 5k, finishing in 19:54.28.

At the Southern California Regional, BC runners will try to qualify for the state meet Nov. 17 in Fresno.