The Renegade Rip

Students give their voice on BC football among the aftermath

Ruben Hill, Reporter

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After having all of its wins vacated from a year ago the Bakersfield College football team looks to put that behind them and have the best season possible. Students on campus, however, still have mixed feelings about the situation.

With many students seemingly unaware about the ruling, and unclear about why the Renegades have been stripped of their state title, there are others who feel that it was wrong for a BC staff member to report Bakersfield College to the state for various violations that resulted in multiple sanctions on the football program.

Some students were puzzled that a former Renegade could be capable of doing such a thing. One of whom is BC student Wayne Franklin, “I don’t understand how a member of our family who understood the commitment and sacrifice the team had to go through in order to win a state championship could turn her back on the family and be so selfish.”

Franklin is a former high school football player who was outraged when he heard about the sanctions.

“For the team to be punished for something that was out of their control is something that is very hard to digest for me,” Franklin went on to explain.

Other students around campus were shocked just to find out all of the wins from last two seasons have been vacated.

“I had no idea that last season no longer matters in the record books,” said Aisia Fulmer “I wasn’t aware of the circumstances, but this is a terrible thing to hear.”

After being caught up with the details of the story a sorrowful Fulmer went on to add, “There is no way that the players that were not involved in the scandal should be punished for the wrong doing of people they were not directly in association with.”

The mood around campus is still calm when it comes to the football program. Some students are still unaware of the current and lingering sanctions, including the fact that BC can not enter post-season play in 2013.

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Students give their voice on BC football among the aftermath