Cole Hallum plays a crucial role on the mound and in the field

Rigoberto lopez

Daniel Ojeda, Reporter

The Bakersfield College baseball team isn’t enjoying the same early success as it did last season, but star player Cole Hallum knows that entering a crucial stretch in the schedule, the Renegades still have an opportunity to get back to their winning ways.

“Times like these is why you play the game, to find out what you’re made of,” said Hallum.

Hallum has been one of the bright spots for the struggling Renegades this season. He is a dual threat helping to keep BC in games with both his arm and his bat.  Hallum leads the team in innings pitched and strikeouts and is also tied for the team lead in wins. On offense, Hallum is one of just three Renegades batting above .300 and is tied for second on the team in RBIs.

At the midpoint of the season, Hallum has put up good numbers on both sides of the, ball but he would rather see the team be successful than just his individual success.

“I don’t see individual success, doesn’t matter how successful I am, if we lose I’m mad,” Hallum said, “You play to win, that’s how I was raised, and that’s how we go about the game here at BC.”

Playing two different positions, such as pitcher and outfield, in baseball is something that many players can’t do and finding someone that can succeed at both is even harder.

You are required to be proficient at both positions while making sure that either of those positions doesn’t start to suffer because of the other.

Hallum believes the mental aspect of being a dual threat is harder than physically having to be ready for both positions.

“Mentally it’s pretty tough because the mindsets of both positions are two different ways to go about the game,” Hallum said “Physically we can all put the work in to get what we need.”

But once it’s game day, Hallum switches gears.

“I get ready to go. I get a bunch of energy going and I’m ready to get out there and compete,” he said.

Hallum is entering his sophomore season on the BC baseball team and will transfer to Campbell University in North Carolina come August. He was signed to play both right field and pitcher. “It’s a good fit for me and I liked everything that they stood for,” Hallum said about his visit to the university.

Once at Campbell, Hallum is ready and excited to face the higher level of competition that he will see when that baseball season starts.

“I’m ready, that’s why you play. There’s only one way to find out.”

Just like every other athlete at the college level, Hallum has had thoughts of playing beyond college ball but he still manages to find a way to keep a level head about his education as well.

“Have to take it one step at a time, school is essential, that’s your ticket. If baseball works out then it works out, if not then I’ll have other things to fall back on.”

But before he leaves in August, Hallum has a few things to take care of with his current baseball team first.

“We are going to take care of the task at hand, then work and get things back on track.”