Hargis sets WSC and BC swim record

Amber Hayden

Daniel Ojeda, Reporter

In swimming, the difference between first and second sometimes comes down to a photo finish. So winning a race by 12 seconds rarely happens, unless you’re Bakersfield College swimmer Andrew Hargis.

“That surprised me, it still hasn’t really sunk in yet that I won the race by that much and set the conference record. I still think I’m in awe,” he said.

At the recent WSC championship Hargis won the 500-yard freestyle by 12 seconds, which not only set a school record but also a conference record.

That was just the beginning; Hargis also set BC records in the 100-yard freestyle, 200-yard freestyle and the 400-yard individual medley as well.

He was also part of three relay teams that set new records in the 400-yard freestyle, the 200-yard freestyle and the 400-yard medley.

“My family was stoked, they loved it and they were proud of me,” Hargis said on his families’ thoughts about his record-breaking meet.

Coming into the season, Hargis had breaking a couple of school records on his list to accomplish.

“I wanted to place in the top three or four in state in at least two events and break at least two school records,” he said.

He has already achieved the first part of his goal, breaking four individual school records and helping set three team records. The last part of the goal is less than two weeks away at the Community College State Championships.

Hargis is ready and isn’t worried about having to face the top competition in the state.

“I’ve been swimming a long time, I just see it as another race,” he said.

To better prepare for the upcoming state championships Hargis and the swim team have been training differently than earlier in the season by cutting back on the weight room, cutting out morning practices and focusing on higher intensity swimming.

But there are still friendly rivalries at practice that help push each other.

“Spencer Kerwin actually gives me competition at practice, he pushes me hard,” Hargis said “We push each other and it’s good having a teammate like that.”

It’s also another positive when your head coach was just recently named WSC Women’s head coach of the year.

“I thought that it was awesome, coach Moon has put a lot of work in this year and pulling it off in only his second year is great,” Hargis said.

After BC, Hargis still isn’t sure were he is going to transfer but any school he goes to he wants to swim for.

Currently he is enjoying a successful season with a swim team that has finished in the top three in its last three swim meets and is thankful for all the help he has received along the way.

“Thanks to everybody that pushed me and supported me, my coaches, my family and my teammates.”