BC football special teams help carry to win

Mohamed Bafakih, Reporter

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Special teams is truly a specialty.

In Bakersfield College’s last game of the season at the prestigious Memorial Stadium on Nov. 22 – where attendance nearly averaged a state-leading 3,000 per game and totaled over 16,000 for the season – a special ending for a special fan base and the sophomores in their season finale was undoubtedly deserving.

With a Clifford & Bradford Insurance Western Bowl Championship on the line, visiting Chaffey (6-4) came into the day winning four of its last five, and the one loss coming against national powerhouse Riverside.

Bakersfield (6-4) also entered the game seaming indomitable, winners of their last five.

With identical records, the outcome of the game was nothing short of even, in large part due to the Renegades’ special teams’ performance, which led the way in a 23-10 victory over the Panthers.

“What can you say about special teams,” Coach Jeff Chudy said postgame. “Sometimes you know, you just take for granted how special special teams really are, and it’s something that we’ve always prided ourselves on.”

Sophomore kicker Parker Campbell single-handedly, or perhaps single-legedly, outscored Chaffey, converting on all five of his field-goal attempts.

“That was a personal best for me [five]. I’m just happy that I got the chances and my team helped me out, definitely with the defense,” said Campbell after the game with an Offensive Player of the Game plaque in hand.

Punter Dayton Diorio also played a huge role as he controlled Chaffey’s field position, forcing the Panthers to start their drive inside the 15-yard line six times over the course of the game, and setting up the Renegades defense to eliminate scoring drives.

Diorio even helped sell a fake trick punt on a 4th and 4 which led to a 59-yard touchdown run by Frasch to make it a three-possession lead early in the fourth, followed by a 43-yard punt shortly after that pinned the defense inside the five, that would eventually lead to a Darren Adjei fumble recovery.

Both freshmen, Diorio and Frasch wound up winning individual awards, as Diorio was presented with the Defensive Player of the Game award and Frasch with the MVP award.

“I think I made an impact this game and I just tried to do that the whole season and good things paid off,” Frasch said.







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