BC women’s swim team performs well despite weather conditions

Mario Saldaña, Digital Content Editor

The Bakersfield College women’s swimming team starts off well during their first swim meet, impressing both head coach Matthew Moon and assistant coach Pat Zuniga.

The women’s swim team had their first meet at the WSC pentathlon at Ventura Feb. 10.

With multiple personal and individual records from the swimmers, Moon is very excited to see the team already in full motion.

He was really happy with the performance from the team, even with the rough weather, the swimming team pulled through, especially for the first meet of the year. This season, the team is considerably smaller than it usually is, but for coach Moon, it looked like it did not affect the team.

“The women’s team is a little smaller than it has been in the past, but we got a pretty good all-around team.” Says coach Moon.

Moon believes they performed well, even facing a type of competition they aren’t really used to. Victoria Hernandez, a freshman in the swim team had five personal records in different types of races she competed in. Two swimmers are back from last season: Kathryn Hunter, she mostly competes primarily in freestyle and backstroke and Crystal Amavisca.

They practice along the men’s swimming team six days a week and have put in a little extra work due to the smaller size of the team. They are starting to practice individual styles of competitions that each swimmer is more comfortable with to get ready for their next meet. The Bakersfield College women’s swimming team next swim meet will be at Mt. SAC invitations at Mt. SAC on Feb. 24 and 25.