Bakersfield College tennis serves aces as programs aim for playoffs

Daulton James Jones, Reporter

With the rough hand they were dealt at the beginning of the season, men’s tennis is on the upswing, winning two matches against Fresno 8-1 and 9-0 on March 26.

After a week of back-toback matches during the first couple of weeks of March, the men’s tennis team got a break last week with only one match against LA Pierce to worry about, but due to weather they had to reschedule the game to a later date.

The LA Pierce game is only one of the many games that have set the Renegades back this season. The majority of the games they played in the earlier weeks of March were
rescheduled games due to this past winter’s weather.

“You know, this Bakersfield weather has been killing us. Last week we were all ready to play and a couple hours before the match, it started raining,” head coach Nick Jacobs said. “Then literally an hour before the match, I came back out here, and the court was dry. It sucks we already rescheduled the game to next week, though.”

Even with the cancellation of their LA Pierce game, the men’s tennis team came back out to beat Fresno. “The guys were ready for Fresno. They had a lot of rest from the last time they played, and now they were ready,” Jacobs said. “They’ve come a long way since the beginning of the season. Now they are getting it and doing well. The season for women’s tennis has been on the up and up for the most part, minus some losses against Orange Coast earlier in the season, and Santa Monica and Santa Barbara earlier this month. The women came back to beat Antelope Valley 9-0 on March 23.

After the win it gave them a record of 16-4 overall and 9-2 in the conference.

“You know our girls are doing good. They beat Antelope Valley badly. Oh, yeah, they beat them badly. Now they’re just preparing for Ventura this week,” Jacobs said. “They have a lock on the regionals, but right now they are just wondering if they have to host or travel because right now they are looking at a four or five seed.”