Freshman Solis proves she’s double threat; BC knocked out


Jesse Najera

Alexis Solis on the home plate ready to swing on March 11.

Mario Saldaña, Digital Content Editor

When it comes to the Bakersfield College softball team, Alexis Solis has made a huge impact throughout the season. As the season came to a close with their last game on April 25, Solis played in 37 games and finished with a .386 batting average with 50 hits in 129 plate appearances. She had six homes runs, all in conference games, and 43 RBI. On the mound, Solis pitched her way to a 6-7 record with a 2.99 earned run average while striking out 31 in 91.1 innings.

Solis joined the game of softball her freshman year of high school and has loved it ever since. She felt very blessed to have received MVP, best offensive player, and all-league multiple times throughout her high school career. She still remembers the first game she played that had her fall in love with the sport. “I chose softball because the first time I’ve ever played that season, for me, was so great and memorable that I had to go back for more,” she said. “Ever since then I’ve been coming back for more and more each season to learn and progress. I grew up playing multiple sports but playing softball was just so much more exciting and fun on the field compared to others.”

As a Renegade, she described her most memorable game of this season against Cuesta College. “My favorite game this season has to be when we played Cuesta because the game was so intense throughout every inning and my team and I were the most pumped we have ever been this season. We all just bonded so well and supported each other’s backs, as well as never let that intensity go down one second in that game.”

Before starting a game, she loves to listen to music and getting into any kind of shenanigans she can think of with her teammates. Solis felt like she had a good season and got closer to all her teammates, who helped her achieve what she did. “Throughout the season, I’ve definitely strengthened my trust and dependency within my team,” she said. “On the field, I know they have my back on any ball in play and offensively, I try my very best with swinging the bat and getting on base because I know my team depends on me just like I do them.”

With the stats she has throughout the season, she also thanks her coach Christine Hill for support that helped her throughout the season. “Coach Hill and my team have helped me improve by the support and advice I get from them every day. We may not all get along all the time, but when we do, we surprise so many teams with the teamwork and ability we have towards winning games. Potential has been shown throughout my entire team and envy at least one thing in every one of my teammates.”

Solis is looking to major in biology, planning to develop a career in nursing, and is looking to go to a four-year college after finishing up Bakersfield College. She is hoping to keep on playing at a higher level, but for right now she will be coming back for the next season at BC. Out of studying school and playing softball, Solis has two different jobs that help her go to school and to live in the adult environment as she goes to school. She is always busy whether she likes it or not.

The season has ended, and the BC softball team did not make the playoffs, losing their final four conference games, which prevented them from grabbing a playoff spot. Overall, they ended their season 17-23 and 13-11 in their conference