Renegade volleyball scores another win

Alexandra Apatiga, Reporter

Last Saturday, Sept. 2, was the Bakersfield College women’s volleyball team’s first home game at the Gil Bishop Sports Center against LA Pierce. The Renegades won 3-0. So far the team has been victorius five out of six games this season.

The Renegades in the first set won with ease, scoring 25-10. By the second set LA Pierce had begun to catch up as they closed the deficit by seven points, scoring against the Renegades 25-17. The final set of the match proved the most difficult with the Renegades barely keeping their opponents at bay 24-23. But the Renegades powered through, winning the third and final set 25-23.

As Renegade volleyball player #7, Haley Sanchez, said following the game, “We made a few mistakes, I myself missing some key points,” Sanchez shared, “but I kept telling myself, ‘next ball’ because those mistakes don’t matter as much as what’s to come.”

So far the Renegades have averaged 13.21 percent kills per set, 13.11 percent per set, and 18.58 percent digs per set.

Future games, however, may prove more challenging, as the Renegades still have nearly 13 games left this season. Their next game will be this Saturday, Sept. 9 in Santa Barbra. If the women’s volleyball team can continue their persistence as they have these past six games, then they may have a chance to make it al the way to the playoffs, and perhaps, eventually, to the championships.