BC crushes Santa Monica, 48-0


Alexandra Apatiga

Renegade football player Elisha Ortiz sprints across the field with his teammate Blake Brown while two Santa Monica Pirates chase Ortiz down.

Alexandra Apatiga, Reporter

For the final home game at Bakersfield College’s Memorial Stadium Oct. 28, the BC Renegades defeated the Pirates of Santa Monica College 48-0, marking this win as 7-1 overall this season, with only a single loss.

The first half of the game saw BC dominate the field, scoring 17 points in the first quarter and 14 points in the second quarter. BC Renegade Cameron Roberson scored the first touchdown with a 4-yard run. Following Roberson was BC Renegade Chance Cooper who made an 11-yard touchdown after completing a pass from his teammate Brandon Jones. Inbetween both touchdowns Nathan DeJager scored a 35-yard field goal, as well as scoring two good kicks for an extra point on Roberson’s and Cooper’s touchdowns.

By the beginning of the second quarter, BC was still going strong. The Renegades made two touchdowns along with two good kicks from DeJager for an extra point each. Brandon Jones of BC made the first touchdown by making a 2-yard run to the end zone, but it was Roberson’s punt return that stole the show. Making a 53-yard punt return for a touchdown and setting BC on the path for the win.

By the end of the first half, BC was ahead of Santa Monica 31-0.

As the second half opened, Santa Monica had made little progress past BC’s

Alexandra Apatiga
Bakersfield College Renegade Louis Early taking down a Santa Monica player with fellow Renegades Cristion Brown and Ernest Harris rushing in to assist.

defense. By the end of the game, BC had given up 164-yards and had forced three turnovers. The Renegades kept the pressure on Santa Monica, with DeJager making a 34- yard field goal – his second field goal of the night – and Renegade Lameshio Hill running for a 4-yard touchdown. With an additional extra point from DeJager on Hill’s touchdown, the BC Renegades were at 41-0 by the end of quarter three.

The final fourth quarter was end game with certain victory for the home team. Santa Monica once again made a last ditch effort to gain some ground on the field, but their progress was halted by BC as they made a final touchdown for the night. Malik Barkley ran for a 6-yard touchdown, boosted by DeJager’s consistent kicks, and bringing BC’s final score to 48-0.

This season has been a good one for Bakersfield College’s football team, with an average of 33 points a game, a 4-1 record at home, and a winning streak of five games, BC has two more games before the end of their season. Their next game will be at Ventura College on Nov. 4.