Bakersfield College baseball team defeats College of the Sequoias 4-2


Melissa Purer

Brycin Hernandez, Outfielder, hits a pop-up to short stop to make the third out in the 7th inning

Melissa Puryear, Managing Editor

Melissa Puryear
Ryan Darby, infielder, at bat
Melissa Puryear
Kyle Willman, catcher, is walked after attempted swings

Bakersfield College baseball defeated College of the Sequoias, 4-2, Jan. 27 with pitcher, Lane Cowan, who earned the win, and relief pitcher, Joey Salinas, who is credited with the save. Ashanti Ross’s hit, scored two runs, with a double play in the 9th inning to end the game.

Sage Voda, a BC baseball player, who is sitting out for the season because of a hip injury, said “Ashanti’s hit was huge, and Walker Frayne coming in to pitch and helping Cowan to help seal the win, felt good, especially after last night [referring to their 5-0 loss against Moorpark] … It’s a good feeling to get the feeling of a win.”

Sage Voda said he will return next season after his hip has healed.

Emanuel Garcia, a former quarterback for the Renegades, said, “I thought it was a really good game because the Renegade won 4-2. It showed a lot of character, and for me it’s a good feeling because I saw these kids in high school. I saw Joey Salinas at Arvin and Lane Cowan at Centennial.”

This game was BCs second game for the season, with one loss and one win.