Bakersfield College Baseball takes another loss to LA Mission

Amy Sarmiento, Reporter

The Bakersfield College Baseball team played and lost against LA Mission College on Feb. 28 during a home game at Gerry Collis Field.

The score ended with a 5-3 loss for BC.

LA Mission started the game and were in the lead 4-0.

Hector Ruvacaba from Bakersfield College allowed the team to score and receive two runs, putting the scores at 4-2.

Amy Sarmiento
Landn Kauk makes a hit after striking twice.

Nathan Ortiz was the pitcher for BC for the first four innings, and John Bell finished the last innings and took three strike-outs.Landn Kauk makes a hit after striking twice and goes to first base.

Ashanti Ross also makes a hit and makes it to first base.

Zach Williams brings the team a home run after making it past the third base.

BC Baseball Coach Tim Painton was on the sides and was seen cheering his team on throughout the game.

Amy Sarmiento
Landn Kauk makes a run to first base.