Dodgers lead impressive start by breaking MLB records

Haley Duval, Photo Editor

Don’t stop them now, the Los Angeles Dodgers made Dodgers franchise and MLB history this 2019 four-game opening day series against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Unlike last season the Dodgers are not showing any weakness after coming back from a World Series loss. 

On opening day, the Dodgers blasted seven home runs against Diamondbacks’ starter pitcher Zack Greinke. 

Known as one of the best pitchers in MLB today, Dodgers have been the only team to hit four or more home runs off of Greinke in this decade. They did it once before in Sept. 2016.  

It was satisfying to watch the Dodgers making Greinke look like a joke, especially remembering how heartbreaking it was for many Dodger fans when he chose to leave the Dodgers after the 2015 season for his team today. It was an embarrassing game for Arizona and it was amazing for the Dodgers.

Six of the Dodgers hit two or more home runs in Opening Day. 

In all, the Dodgers had eight home runs total, breaking the opening day record of six from the 1988 Mets and tied by the White Socks last year. 

It seemed like it was impossible for them to not hit a dinger at every at-bat.

In 2018 the Dodgers didn’t hit their eighth home run until the 11th game of the season, this year it took the first game.

Game one’s final score looked more like a football score than a baseball score, 18-5. 

Dodgers scored 42 runs in the first four games of this season. 

According to MLB, only four other teams since 1900 have scored that many runs in the first four games of a season: The Brewers in 1978 and 49, Yankees in 1950 and 40, Tigers in 1901 and 45, Cubs in 1954 and 45, Dodgers in 1945 and now 2019.

After losing back-to-back in the World Series it’s safe to say the Dodgers are not letting that slow them down this new season. 

Dodger fans are not disappointed.

Dodgers have a very impressing start this season but one of the players that led that historical way is the one and only Cody Bellinger.

Bellinger hit four home runs in the first four games of the season. If he keeps that place up, he’ll be on pace to hit 162. Unlikely, but it’s fun to wonder how many times he’ll go yard this season.

His rookie year in 2017 he hit 39 and last season he hit 25.   

After his grand-slam in game six of the season against the Giants, now his fifth homer and 69th total, Bellinger now has the Dodgers franchise record for most home runs in his first 300 games of his major league career. Surpassing Mike Piazza’s first 68.  

Bellinger is currently leading the National League with home runs and RBIs.

In six games Bellinger has five home runs, 12 RBIs, .429 AVG, and 1,413 OPS. 

His improvement this season seems to be his approach, mechanics, and confidence. 

If Bellinger keeps hitting bombs off of lefties, this 2019 Dodger lineup will be unstoppable.

In game seven Kike Hernandez hit a leadoff homer at the start of the game, bringing LA season home run total to 18 (another franchise record.) They cannot stop hitting bombs out of the park and as a team, they lead the League in home runs.