BC Renegades Volleyball team defeat Antelope Valley College with a score of 3-0

The BC Women's undefeated Volleyball team on the court.

Nick Ellis/BC Athletics

The BC Women’s undefeated Volleyball team on the court.

Brisa Flores and

Bakersfield College Renegades Volleyball team takes down the Antelope Valley College Marauders with a score of 3-0 on March 26. 

“Very efficient performance by us,” shared Coach Carl Ferreria. 

Ferreria gave a shout out to the team and how great they have been performing on the court. He also acknowledged the sophomores on the team, and they create “internal leadership.” He added that their sophomores are very responsible for the chemistry with the team on the court, “Chemistry is a real important part of the sport of volleyball.” 

“We really don’t play to our record. We try to play to the moment,” added Ferreria and says he is very proud of the team. 

The BC volleyball team remains undefeated with a record of 7-0.