BC Football forced to forfeit three wins due to eligibility violation


BC Wide Reciever Jalen Blizzard (4) celebrates after a 90-yard kick return during the now-forfeited home opener against El Camino on Sept. 11.

Nicholas Covello, Editor-in-Chief

Bakersfield College announced that its football team has been forced to forfeit three of their wins this season due to a self-reported eligibility violation. The announcement was on Oct. 28, and dropped the Renegades to a 1-6 record.

While reviewing the quarterly student athlete progress reports, BC’s Academic Success Team recognized that an unnamed player had been left off of the preseason administrative form sent to the conference.

Upon learning of the administrative error, BC’s athletic director Reggie Bolton immediately reported everything to the SCFA commissioner. After a two-week inquiry, it was determined that all of the games that the unnamed player participated in would be forfeited.

“The player was not listed on the administrative form due to a form being omitted by accident,” Bolton said “Ultimately, I am responsible for all compliance processes.”

The player in question played in four games, with three of them being wins. The Renegade’s wins against El Camino on Sept. 11, Golden West on Sept. 18, and San Bernardino Valley on Oct. 2, were all rendered useless.

The unnamed player will be ineligible for the rest of the 2021 season, but he may participate with the team next fall.