Playoffs, postseason and powerhouse players

Hilario Gomez, Reporter

Nothing makes sense. Up is down, vice versa. Half of the football fans are looking towards the playoffs while the other half is focusing on the upcoming offseason because frankly, their teams’ postseason hopes have dissipated.

For the lucky of you that have football to look forward to, both professional and college football slates are getting quite juicy. One of them being the big top ten matchups of the weekend in the battle for Michigan between Michigan and Michigan State. Both teams are not perennial powers although Michigan has had those expectations for multiple years. The emergence of impact offensive players for both teams has powered them into the national spotlight. For Michigan State, it’s Wake Forest transfer, Kenneth Walker, at running back. Walker looked promising at Wake Forest but never really broke out, as many expected and the change of scenery has done wonders for the junior running back. While Michigan has a shiny quarterback from the state of Nevada in Cade McNamara, who has finally broken onto the scene after two quiet seasons in Ann Arbor.

On the other hand, Payton Thorne for the Spartans, who was originally a Western Michigan commit, has been playing just as good if not more impressive considering he’s a true freshman. It’d be criminal not to bring up Aidan Hutchinson for the Wolverines who have created probably the most buzz of any college football players this season with constant dominant performances week in and week out. This week’s matchup, although no one could’ve imagined, will be one of this year’s best with two impressive teams on the come up.

While in the professional football world the trade rumors and playoff race is what’s dominating the news cycle. Deshaun Watson is back in the headlines with a trade seemingly imminent and the ethics of him playing football again being such a tantalizing topic once again. Other topics such as the emergence of the Cardinals and the Bengals also is very prominent. Both are leading their conferences and have dominant wins over playoff teams that have dominated the league for quite a while. It seems to be a changing of the guard with the Chiefs and other teams starting slow and these young contenders dominating as of late.