BC beats Ventura 31-21 in homecoming victory


Amanda Hernandez

Malik Brown and Jayden Smith put up a fight against Ventura Community College during homecoming game Oct. 22

Amanda Hernandez, Reporter

The BC Renegades beat Ventura College 31-21 at the homecoming game on Oct. 22.  

The team strategized well and worked together to keep the score in their favor.  

In the first half, Joe Campbell laid down two touchdowns and put points on the board early in the game.  

Although it started off well, Ventura attempted to fight back. They tried to intercept the ball against the renegades twice within the first half. However, the refs called them back and this resulted in zero technical interceptions. 

As halftime approached the Renegades were up by a touchdown at 14-7 and still needed to put up a fight to keep the win. 

two football players, closer to camera player bent at knees and leaning forward
Craig Royal prepares to help defend his team as the ball is put into play. (Amanda Hernandez)

Interestingly, they came back even stronger after half time. 

As the third quarter began, Campbell led his team once again by scoring a touchdown from five yards out. 

Ventura attempted to stay in the game by intercepting the ball and scoring a touchdown on the renegades in the fourth quarter. 

However, BC continued to add numbers to the board.  

In the fourth quarter, Tristin Skinner contributed with a field goal and his team also stepped up. 

Jordan Norwood put down the last touchdown and they ended the fourth quarter 31-21 against Santa Barbara and celebrated their win amongst themselves.  

Players numbers 44 and 47  stand with backs to camera.
Xavier Ramirez and Nicholas Harris strategizing on how to keep the game in their favor. (Amanda Hernandez)

Considering the fact that this was Bakersfield College’s homecoming game, many wondered whether the team felt more pressure. 

To gain insight into the player perspective, Freshman and wide receiver, Jamaal Thompson explained, “Yeah, I feel like it had more hype to it because we knew the stands would be packed, but overall, it was just another game that we had to win, our motto is to be 1-0 every week. Also, I don’t think it was more pressure because we have had pressure on us all season.” 

The team will play its next game in Long Beach this week.