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Parking problems cause anxiety among some students

Rudy Llamas

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As scary as life might seem, nothing is scarier than the parking lots at Bakersfield College, according to sophomore Diana Trigo.

“It’s almost frightening to think you’re going to be late to class just because you can’t find a parking spot,” said Trigo.

Sophomore Aroldo Orantes doesn’t feel that BC parking is up to standards.

“It’s gay, because you have to get here an hour early just to get to class at a decent time,” said Orantes.

Freshman Marcos De La Rosa doesn’t find parking to be a hassle.

“Whenever I am running late, I park in the staff parking,” said Orantes. “Security never checks for parking passes anyway.”

Sgt. Jess Soto, chief of campus police, said giving out tickets isn’t the main priority.

“Giving out tickets isn’t why we are here in the first place,” said Soto. “We are here for any medical and criminal purposes.”

He later added that tickets are something they give out when they happen to see a car violating parking rules.

Campus police officers issue about 40,000-50,000 tickets a year on average since 1997, but will have days in which they don’t give out a ticket for an entire day, according to Soto.

Besides parking citations, campus police gives out tickets for small accidents such as fender benders and other noninjury incidents.

“We do it all, from delivering messages to escorting dogs off campus,” said Soto.

Sophomore Lori Reyna feels it’s unfair for students to park when they don’t even have a parking pass.

“I think they should give tickets to those who don’t have parking passes to make room for those who pay for their parking,” said Reyna.

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The news site of Bakersfield College
Parking problems cause anxiety among some students