The Renegade Rip

Classical movies: Should they keep being remade?

Cinthia Loera and Carissa Diaz

October 7, 2015

Filed under Opinion

PRO Being someone who loves both old and recent movies, I tend not to have a problem with old movies being remade. At times when I watch classic films, I actually wonder what they would look like if they were able to be remade by more recent directors with access to better resources. When remaking films, directors choose to either stick to its original as close as poss...

‘Momentary Masters’ becomes instant classic

‘Momentary Masters’ becomes instant classic

Javier Valdes, Copy Editor

September 10, 2015

Filed under Opinion, Reviews

  Nowadays, the definition of what one constitutes to be a great album varies greatly with the multitudes of new sounds that our universal ear...

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