The Renegade Rip

BC graduation rates increase

Katalina Quintanilla, Reporter

November 25, 2018

Many students dismiss the idea of attending a community college right after high school. Why? The reputation of attending a community college is that many never finish what they start and end up dropping out. However, Bakersfield College changed that stigma with an increase with their graduation and transfer rates. According to the California Community College’s webs...

BC football teams scores first victory

Franco Castelo, Reporter

September 14, 2018

The Renegade football team had their first home game against El Camino College on Sept. 08. For the first quarter, both teams played safe and displayed patience in their plays. El Camino’s football team began to play aggressively towards the end of the first quarter and the Bakersfield Renegades continued to hesitantly. However, neither team moved the ball successfully...

Bakersfield College gives away school supplies on campus

Taylor Jensen, Reporter

August 27, 2018

The fall semester is in full swing and students of Bakersfield College are in full need of supplies for their new classes. The School Supply Giveaway that took place at the crossroads on Aug. 21 gave students the chance to win free supplies at just the spin of a wheel. The student had to spin a miniature wheel and whatever slot the needle landed on, they automatically won...

President Obama proposes making first two years of community college free

Hugo Jauregui, Reporter

February 4, 2015

On Jan. 20, President Obama delivered his sixth and final State of the Union address in which he reviewed several topics such as: how the economy has steadily improved since the recession following the mortgage crisis in 2009, how unemployment has drastically gone down, and also how solar energy and other renewable resources are helping create new jobs and at the same time...

Sick of college athletics? I am, too

Zak S. Cowan, Editor in Chief

November 16, 2011

Collegiate sports are big, there is no doubt, but I have some things to say about them and the whole atmosphere that surrounds them. The following is a collegiate-themed version of “Chiefed” and has all sorts of goodies that I’m sure won’t make me any friends.   JoePa Yes, the allegations are disturbing and disgusting. And yes, Joe Paterno’s long tenure is f...

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