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Op-ED: How can we best react to celebrity deaths?

Cameron Johnson, Reporter

September 27, 2018

Death is an unavoidable aspect of life, and it seems to sting a little more when a life is lost at such a young age. Potential is lost; the opportunity for a person to achieve something great is stripped away from them prematurely. Death at a young age, unfortunately, is a common thing, and it has been taking place in the music industry since its beginning. However, a focus...

BC football player Jonathan Garcia dies

September 20, 2017

Football player Jonathan Sebastian Garcia was killed crossing the street after a mild car accident on Sept. 8. Garcia was a defensive lineman for Bakersfield...

BC teacher remembered

Robert Mullen, Reporter

March 14, 2013

Adie Geiser, Bakersfield College’s longtime assistive technology specialist, passed away on Feb. 23 at Memorial Hospital at the age of 49. Geiser had been with the college for 14 years, since being hired into his current role back in 1999. Geiser also taught technology classes for disabled students, consulted for the school on matters pertaining to technology used by...

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