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Social media’s impact on the coronavirus pandemic

Marina Gonzalez, Reporter

March 27, 2020

Social media accounts sharing reports on the coronavirus has caused many fears and paranoia for people trying to avoid the outbreak. The media has produced reports and uploaded footage about the coronavirus outbreak in a way that has made viewers more afraid to be outside of their homes. According to the Fox 17 website, viewers are consuming a lot of information about t...

Students and faculty members gathered to discuss the first amendment and how pornography affected the amendment.

Gadfly Cafe on social media, the web, and free speech

February 22, 2019

Bakersfield College Philosophy professor and Gadfly Cafe host Reggie Williams held the first Gadfly Cafe of the Spring school semester on Wednesday, Feb.13...

Kony campaign causes sensation

Patricia Rocha, Reporter

March 14, 2012

Few Youtube videos capture as much attention as Invisible Children’s viral video Kony 2012. The almost 30-minute video went viral recently as it campaigns to help the International Criminal Court arrest Joseph Kony for his many crimes against humanity in Uganda and other surrounding African countries. The video, which has been viewed more than 74 million times on Youtube,...

New online portal condenses system

Amber T. Troupe, Production Editor

September 8, 2011

Inside BC is an online portal designed by the Informational Services Department at Bakersfield College to allow students an easier way to access personal accounts such as Banweb, Moodle and  college e-mail. “The portal somewhat works like a Super Wal-Mart in the sense that it offers students these technological resources in one place with one login,” explained Todd...

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