The Renegade Rip

Renegade Struggle: How Richard strives for family

Haley Duval, Photo Editor

March 15, 2019

"I remember one day being in there feeling like my worst. Like I'm not able to do anything anymore. But being able to get out of that and being able to strive and just keep striving and stay focus is a wonderful thing." BC student Richard McDowell, 21, may have the drive to succeed like every college student but it wasn't so easy gaining the mindset he has today. McDow...

Renegade Struggle: Julie Gutierrez

Julie Gutierrez

Fitzgerald Graves, Reporter

May 2, 2018

Julie Gutierrez, a Bakersfield College student who is a Rad Tech major, shared her story about the multiple struggles she faced in her life that led to...

Renegade Struggle: Matthew Bray

Matthew Bray, 22, Bakersfield College student stands in Campus Center after sharing his struggle to reach his goals after a car accident.

Paige Atkison, Reporter

March 23, 2018

Matthew Bray, 22, was on his way to class when a U-Haul truck struck his Chevy, smashing his truck in between two vehicles. The accident took place in...

Renegade Stuggles: Gregorio Castro

Gregorio Castro, 35, after sharing his struggles before becoming a BC student.

Miranda Defoor, Reporter

February 25, 2018

In the summer of 2017, current Bakersfield College student Gregorio Castro, 35, tried to enroll in summer courses for the first time. Enrolling in college...

Cody Fuhrman, 21, is a theater major and poses for a picture at Bakersfield College.

Renegade Struggles: Cody Fuhrman

October 4, 2017

Cody Fuhrman, 21, is a Bakersfield College student who is struggling with depression. Although he battles with mental illness, he has discovered positive...

Renegade Struggles: Alex Mosqueda

Brandon Cowan, Web Editor

October 4, 2017

Alex Mosqueda, 21, is a Bakersfield College student who has been struggling with back pain ever since his sophomore year at Frontier High School. When Mosqueda was in his second year of high school, he and some of his friends decided to have a deadlifting competition. When Mosqueda was done deadlifting over 200 pounds, days after his back was sore, which he said was normal. What...

Sam Moreno

Renegade Struggles: Sam Moreno

May 3, 2017

This year, I met six different people with their own individual struggles. Six strangers shared their lives with me and their willingness to open up is...

Jesse Trevino (left), a deaf student at Bakersfield College, poses for a picture with Amanda Rangel (right), a student in the ASL program.

Renegade Struggles: Jesse Trevino

April 21, 2017

Meet Jesse Trevino, a student at Bakersfield College for the second time; he came back to BC to earn a degree in American Sign Language, after becoming...

Juan sits on a cooler and poses for a picture during his break at the vineyard where he works.

Renegade Struggles: Juan

March 30, 2017

Meet Juan, 20, a student who has been attending night classes at Bakersfield College and working a full time job, all while being an undocumented immigrant. Juan...

Joseline Pinto stands in a field while holding her child as he gazes up.

Renegade Struggles: Joseline Pinto

March 16, 2017

Meet Joseline Pinto, 22, a student at Bakersfield College, pursuing an education to improve the life of her child. When Pinto got pregnant, she was attending...

Renegade Struggles: Alayna Geoghegan

Renegade Struggles: Alayna Geoghegan

February 15, 2017

Alayna Geoghegan, a 19 year-old student at Bakersfield College, is currently majoring in nursing. Geoghegan struggles with an illness every day that the...

Renegade Struggles: Beatriz Rivas

Renegade Struggles: Beatriz Rivas

February 1, 2017

Meet Beatriz Rivas, a 24-year-old student at Bakersfield College. Her current major is business administration, and she is better known as just “B.” She...

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