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Tobacco policy up in smoke

Staff Editorial

March 19, 2015

In the past several years, we have sat wondering exactly what the smoking policy was on campus, but up until March 11 it had seemed even SGA couldn’t make up its mind. During one of SGA’s most recent meetings, it was made to seem that they, as the student government, knew better then what we do as far as what we do to our bodies. But as luck would have it, SGA President...

SGA plans eclipsed by infractions and disputes

December 4, 2013

This semester the Student Government Association has rivaled their big league counterparts. True to fashion in the way real government acts, all the unpleasant events surrounding SGA have eclipsed the good things they have done. And like so much of our federal government, a bushel of bad apples have soured the few that were good. While big plans were being made, SGA let...

Vote reveals biased views

May 1, 2013

This whole semester everyone has been focusing on the pending smoking policy. Bakersfield College Student Government Association held a vote and the students have spoken. The board is now taking the necessary steps for a tobacco-free campus. Now that’s great. This is what the student body wants. We just hope people didn’t vote that way for the wrong reason. It’s understandable...

STAFF ED: Students unhappy with unsettling times

September 6, 2012

In the process of creating this newspaper, our staff generally asks, “What’s going on around campus?” Now it seems that this question has spread campus-wide as students wonder about the state of this new semester. Parking fees and cafeteria food prices have risen, our student government officials have changed, and talks of budget cuts leave many wondering what their...

STAFF ED: Save a tradition of more than 80 years

May 2, 2012

With talks of imminent budget cuts  and classes that seem to fill up faster and faster, the question may come up of what the journalism program and this newspaper at Bakersfield College adds, and whether we should keep it or not. It would be a devastating loss to cancel the program or to stop the publication of this paper. This paper has a long-standing tradition of...

STAFF ED: Time is now for BC to stand up


March 28, 2012

Bakersfield College students are about to take a major hit when the next budget comes around, and it’s time that we start speaking out to our leaders in Sacramento. The outlook doesn’t look good, with nearly $300 million in cuts recommended by the Legislative Analyst’s office, but we can do something about it. Kern Community College District’s associate vice chancellor...

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