The Renegade Rip

Renegade Struggle: How Richard strives for family

Haley Duval, Photo Editor

March 15, 2019

"I remember one day being in there feeling like my worst. Like I'm not able to do anything anymore. But being able to get out of that and being able to strive and just keep striving and stay focus is a wonderful thing." BC student Richard McDowell, 21, may have the drive to succeed like every college student but it wasn't so easy gaining the mindset he has today. McDow...

Renegade Struggle: Julie Gutierrez

Julie Gutierrez

Fitzgerald Graves, Reporter

May 2, 2018

Julie Gutierrez, a Bakersfield College student who is a Rad Tech major, shared her story about the multiple struggles she faced in her life that led to...

BC student survives Las Vegas shooting

Jourdan Muro, 19, who is a Renegade softball player smiles after sharing her struggle story.

Christina Benavides, Copy Editor

February 11, 2018

Full-time Bakersfield College student Jourdan Moro, 19, found joy in playing for the Renegade Volleyball Women’s team, and excelling in her academics...

My Struggle: Melissa Puryear

Melissa Puryear

Melissa Puryear, Reporter

November 30, 2017

I decided to return to Bakersfield College to finish my journalism degree in the summer of 2015. I had only a year to use my GI benefits from having served...

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