One man makes music

J. W. Burch, IV and J. W. Burch, IV

Local band The Silence Club is the brainchild of one person, Aaron Novak. Driven by the desire to make music, Novak steadily began taking on the role of songwriter, composer and producer throughout the evolution of the band.
“It all started with me messing around with recording programs,” Novak said. “I didn’t have any musician friends at the time, so I just ended up having to do all the different parts myself.”
The music of The Silence Club can be described as “poppy and dark, brooding tones…with hushed vocals and intimate lyrics.” Taking inspiration from his life experiences, Novak uses influences from various cultural sounds such as Latin, Reggae and Americana to tell a story to those who are willing to listen.
“Most of my songs come from things I see going on around me,” Novak said. “The songs ‘El Coyote’ and ‘The Ember Lights of Mexico’ are about adventures in Mexico, whereas the song, ‘The Paratrooper’ is about Jimmy (a homeless man) who plays the flute downtown.”
Although Novak writes, composes and produces all of the material for The Silence Club, he enlists a group of fellow musicians to perform live with him.
The Silence Club’s live band is Steve Wilson on keyboards, Mark Powell on Bass and Dave Butler and Mary Bennett on drums. Each member of The Silence Club’s live show, Novak included, play with local reggae singer O.P. Stylee.
“Right now, I am a one-man band with a live show,” Novak said. “Eventually, I would like it to be a lot of different people with a lot of different input in the music.”
As of the present, The Silence Club has been making itself known in the local music scene. Playing numerous venues in the Downtown Bakersfield district such as, The Silver Fox, The Mint, Dagney’s Coffee Shop, Narducci’s Cafe, Jerry’s Pizza and more, as well as the Rosedale area, namely at Rockstar Party Bar on Meany Avenue every Wednesday with O.P. Stylee.
“My favorite venue to play is, by far, The Silver Fox,” Novak said. “It is a small and intimate atmosphere. Friends are always there, and it is where I met my fiancé.”
The audience’s positive response to the music of The Silence Club suggests that Aaron Novak is doing something right and something that listeners can enjoy.
“It is very encouraging to see people enjoying the music and dancing,” Novak said. “It is very reassuring and justifying.”