Weekend of re-enactments brings crowds- Whiskey Flat Days

Myrissa Johns, News Editor

WFD4-RJPKernville attracted big crowds for its annual Presidents Day weekend festival, Whiskey Flat Days.
Whiskey Flat Days is a festival in which Kernville reverts back to its old name, “Whiskey Flat” and re-enacts the way that its forefathers lived back in the Wild West.
The festival, which took place Feb. 14-17, had a wide array of events over the course of the weekend, including a parade, melodramas, re-enactments, a carnival, live concert performances by bands The Rock Bottom Boys and Allasso, a rodeo, and even frog jumping contests.
On Feb. 15, the “first heat” of the frog jumping contest began and it was very popular with the crowds. There was even a betting station set up for people to wager on frogs. The crowd went wild after the second race, when the underdog –or underfrog—won with 5-1 odds.
Charlie Busch, a Whiskey Flat Days committee member who also takes part in the melodrama, said all profits from the wagers on the frogs go toward funding Whiskey Flat Days. Those who won their wager were given “frog bucks,” which are redeemable at any of the merchant stores, according to Busch.
The frog jumping was also a huge hit with children, who were allowed to catch the frogs after each race.
“We haven’t lost a frog yet,” Busch joked.
Mike Breckenridge, one of the many re-enactors, could be seen hanging out with his horse outside of the Kernville Saloon. Although Breckenridge said it was his first time taking part in Whiskey Flat Days, it is something that he wishes to continue. He traveled from his home in San Diego for the weekend in order to be involved with the event.
Whiskey Flat Days is one of the most popular festivals in Southern California, attracting more than 45,000 people over the Presidents Day weekend.