American Horror Stories spinoff

Breonna Zapiain , Reporter

American Horror Stories is a new spinoff of the original well-known television show American Horror Story and is an FX production that is only available to stream on Hulu.

This series showcases different horror stories in each episode, most of which do not correlate to the one before or after them, which differs from the original show that follows certain storylines throughout its seasons.

Someone who enjoys watching the original AHS will notice that this series takes much darker turns and exhibits more detailed and graphic imagery. Throughout the first season, it is easy to get confused on what the actual horror of the story is supposed to be, only for it to become painstakingly clear during a turning point in the episode. The show can be very intense to watch and some episodes, such as Episode six, “Feral” and Episode four, “The Naughty List,” left me with a very uneasy feeling at the end.

The first two episodes of American Horror Stories are the only two that directly correlate as they are one story split into two parts. These two episodes are my favorite, this story could have been made into an entire series that would have been very enjoyable to continue to watch. Each episode follows its cast of new characters through their own nightmares, but most of them have clear-cut endings where no further episodes or explanations are needed.

To enjoy this show I don’t think the viewer necessarily needs to have seen the original American Horror Story, but I do believe that having watched the original before makes things a lot easier to understand and makes a lot of details clearer and easier to notice.

Overall, American Horror Stories is a good show to get the hairs on the back of your neck sticking up and keep you on the edge of your seat. There are a few times where episodes lack more than others and became far less enjoyable to watch but this does not make these episodes unwatchable. I don’t see this show being something I would go back and watch for fun, excluding the two first episodes which hold a lot of re-watch potential. Horror fans and AHS fans should put this spinoff series on their watch list and look out for future seasons to come.