BC’s “Noises Off” is chaotically fabulous


Eduardo Martinez

Actors take a bow during curtain call at the end of their performance.

EJ Martinez, Opinion Editor


Act III where three actors dress up as burglars (from left to right Gary Enns, Jose Magana and Nathan Armendariz) believing that one of them fell through. (Eduardo Martinez)

There is nothing better in life than a plate of sardines besides this play. “Noises Off” is a farce written by Michael Frayn and directed by Cody Ganger and starring Jose Magana as Lloyd the director, Dakota Seaton as poppy theater tech, Nathan Armendariz as Tim as theater tech, Savanna Lux as Dotty and Mrs. Clackett, Connor Putman as Gary and Roger, Leslie Art as Brooke and Vicki, Jaspreet Singh as Freddie and Philip, Marina Gradowitz as Belinda and Flavia, Garry Enns as Selsdon and burglar. “Noises Off” is play within play as a theater production attempt to go through dress rehearsal, backstage drama during a performance and the final performance of a show as everything goes off the rail.

This play will have you screaming sardines and laughing on the floor afterward. The play is layered with romantic drama, violence, and sexually suggestive situations that will have the audience head spinning. The play comedy deprives from characters relationships, motivations and slapstick with actors getting to each other necks and props falling apart, doors failing and sardines being thrown around.

Act I where they target Freddie/Philip played by Jaspreet Singh dressed up in a disguise. (Eduardo Martinez)

Although the play within the play might be hard to understand the point is that it does not matter to the fun that the audience will have. The play is more centered on the passive aggressive theater crew attempt to carry out the play while trying to murder each other. The most comedic act was act II where cast members are backstage getting ready for a performance while dealing with romantic drama before harassing each other in silence as the play goes on in the background. Actors are chased with an axe, actors are cheating with other actors and cast members, shouting between actors over cheating and cacti being shoved in a stage member ass.

The play is absolute madness with complete control chaos happening after the other. The sudden changes in play open itself to comedic moments and scenarios leaving the audience on end of their seat waiting for next surprise that near the end it appeared as if the cast members were writing their own ending on the spot.

Overall, the play is a fabulous chaos of comedy that represents theater production and that theater majors will find relatable and have audience members ribs in bruises from the laughing they will be experience throughout the performance.