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When I received the notice in my e-mail box regarding your newspaper being available online, I was thrilled with the prospect of being able to read the local happenings on and near the campus. I also was looking forward to getting the news from the perspective of our students. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed with the language I encountered upon reading one of your articles.

The first and only article that I read, the one about food at the fair, which incidentally was recommended by the author of the e-mail message, was so liberally spiced with foul language that I couldn’t stomach reading any more. I’m certainly no prude, and have been known to spout a few expletives in appropriate circumstances. Artistically used or used in exasperation, expletives are extremely important and appropriate. In my opinion they aren’t appropriate in a news article no matter how facetious it is intended to be, especially at an institution of higher learning. Please, just give us the news or commentary with language that’s fit for an educational environment.

Sarah Phinney

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The news site of Bakersfield College
Respectable language please