LETTER: Smoke-free campus

Daisy Morales, BC Student

Dear Editor,

No-smoking on campus should be enforced, even though the smoking limit is within 20 feet from a building. Smoking on campus is disrupting. It may be a stress reliever for some, but many people don’t like the smell. It gives others headaches as they walk by, and there is no way to avoid it. I think it is gross to smell smoke all over the campus.
Every place I travel on campus, there has to be at least one person smoking. For instance, I get a headache and cough when I am around a smoker. It bothers me because they should have a designated smoking area. That way if they want to smoke, they could and it won’t bother the rest of the students.
It may be deadly for asthma patients to be exposed to the smoke every day. Also, secondhand smoke could be harmful for the young children coming from daycare or pregnant women passing by.
This is why I think it should be enforced on the Bakersfield College campus. We come here to learn, not to be exposed to cigarettes and their smell.

Daisy Morales
BC student