People in positions of power destroy trust

Cassandra McGowan, Reporter

Molestation and child pornography seem to be a trending topic lately and quite frankly, I’m disgusted.
Grown men forcing themselves on children, girls or boys, is wrong in so many ways that it just makes me want to vomit.
Coaching football, working charities for children, composing music for children’s shows, teaching, policing, and preaching are all upstanding job titles, and the people hired to do these jobs are supposed to be able to be trusted with our children.
As a matter of fact, we teach our children to trust these individuals and that these are the people to go to when something bad happens.
Then we come to find out these are the people who are harming our children the most.
People like Jerry Sandusky and all the other people tied in with the Pennsylvania State University accusations were supposed to be trusted, but they allegedly allowed numerous boys to be molested and said nothing to police about it.
How would you like it if someone molested your child when they were at a football camp and someone else on the staff saw it and said nothing or did nothing to stop it? Your child will have to live with that shame for the rest of thier life.
All of these people with their feelings of pity for good ol’ Joe Paterno and Mike McQueary, I’ll bet they wouldn’t be so quick to root for them had it been their own child making those allegations.
Even a former composer for Sesame Street, Fernando Rivas, was charged with making child pornography when New Jersey police searched his home and found several inappropriate pictures of children on his computer. Rivas was also a jazz music instructor at a private school.
It has been speculated that Rivas handcuffed a naked 4-year-old girl and posed her for pictures that he had on his computer.
Now there are allegations against Syracuse University’s associate head basketball coach, Bernie Fine.  His wife alleges that she has reason to believe Fine molested a boy in their house 10 years ago, and another man is accusing Fine of molesting him.
What the hell?
Where are they finding these people? Why aren’t the people who are speculating these things saying anything until years later?
All I know is if I found out someone who was supposed to be trusted with my children was sexually abusing them, I’d be the one in jail because I’d probably go ballistic and fly into a fit of rage and do some serious damage.
And if I saw something like that going on, I would be the first one in the police department making a report after I physically stopped the abuse.
I can’t imagine not doing anything about it. I couldn’t live with myself. Those who have suffered through it can never forget these horrendous acts, and the internal damage is forever.
In my opinion, all of these men deserve what’s coming to them, and I’ve heard that the men in prison don’t like child molesters.