Dodgers hope the third time is the charm

David Portillo, Reporter

The 2019 Los Angeles Dodgers are on a hot streak of winning and breaking records along the way. The team is being pulled together by a youthful and healthy group of players quickly showing that this is a different team than the World Series losers from the previous two years. From the start of the season, the team was dominant in the National League with them quickly going over 500. in the first few months of the season.

From the beginning of the season, every other team in their division did not even come close to becoming a challenge and as the regular season came to an end the second-place Arizona Diamondbacks ended up finishing 21 games behind the Dodgers in the National League West division.

The all-around position player Cody Bellinger has been a huge contribution to the team with a high chance of becoming this year’s Most Valuable Player of the National League in only his third season in the majors. His power and consistency to hit the ball in and out of the park have made Bellinger an all-star and the pride and joy of the Dodgers. Bellinger finished the regular season with a batting average of 305., 115 RBI’s, and 47 home runs (two shy of breaking the single-season home run record).

Another key factor in the Dodgers success this season has been the recent ace of the team, starting pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu. Ryu has been with the Dodgers for seven years and seems to be better than ever with an ERA of 2.32 and going 14-5 to end the regular season.

Seven straight seasons the Dodgers have been National League West champions with 2019 being no different. The Dodgers beat the Baltimore Orioles Sept. 10 clinching their division once again.

A finishing record of 106 wins was just set in the final game of the regular season with a final sweeping win against their longtime rivals the San Francisco Giants on Sunday, Sept. 29.

Coming off of a successful regular season the Dodgers have not only one, but two chips on their shoulders being the previous World Series losers two years in a row. 2017 seen the seven-game loss to the Houston Astros with them currently on pace to make it to the fall classic again. Then 2018 saw the Dodgers lose to the Boston Red Sox in a dominant five-game series win. It seems this year is now or never for the Dodgers and the team looks hungry and ready to dominate in the postseason.

October is here so that means playoff baseball has arrived. The Washington Nationals defeated the Milwaukee Brewers 3-4 in an epic comeback win in the National League Wild Card game Oct.1. The Dodgers are set to take on the Nationals in the National League Division Series (NLDS) on Oct. 3.