Renegades give blood


Collin Koch, Reporter

BC students had the opportunity to donate blood on March 11 and 12 on BC’s main campus. All blood donations would support the Houchin Community Blood Bank in Bakersfield. Students were able to donate blood to the Houchin Community Blood Bank on the bus that specializes in blood donations so they can drive to places and donate. The Blood Bank accepted anyone who met the minimum requirements of being over 110 pounds, at least 16 years old, and in good health.

With the coronavirus affecting the United States and the rest of the world, blood was needed desperately for hospitals in Kern County if the virus hits here in Bakersfield.

Stephanie Gibbons, account manager and event coordinator, and organizer for the Houchin Community Blood Bank, said “Coming to Bakersfield College, we are tapping into the youth community and it shows the importance of being able to donate and getting students to continue to donate are also getting people to donate of those who are young.”

Student Kayla Patterson donated blood on March 11, “I like to help those in need and I just wanted to do it to help others in the community of Bakersfield,” she said.

The Blood Bank is always taking people in to donate no matter what blood type they are. O-negative blood is universal and anyone can accept that type of blood.

With the Coronavirus, the hospitals are relying on the community to come and donate to keep the community safe from any more potential natural disasters.